DJ Marketing Tips

DJ Marketing Tips

Some DJs think that having an agent will mean that you don’t need to do any work and you can just sit back and watch the bookings roll in.  As much as we wish this was true, it isn’t. We’ve put together a few of our key DJ marketing tips to help you become more appealing to clients.

What An Agent Does

The best way to think about what a DJ agency does is to think of them as your office admin team.

We have staff sitting in our offices managing the booking enquiries that come into us.  This includes enquiries from our website’s booking request form on each of our DJ’s Artist Roster pages but we also manage booking requests that our DJs pass on to us – by forwarding emails, including our contact details on their DJ website & social media.  But we can’t do all the work, you also need to make sure you are correctly marketing yourself and on the correct platforms.  These DJ marketing tips should help you think about what you need to set up or even just give a spring clean.

Does An Agent Get More DJ Work?

An agency can never promise a DJ work.  But we do have ways that we can source additional work for our DJs.  We have a foot in the door with venues, promoters, festivals and other event organisers who need help filling their nights and slots.  Most clients prefer to go through an agency as the paperwork involved is simple and it makes their accounts team happy knowing they are paying a reputable company and that the DJs are responsible for their tax liabilities.  We constantly market our DJs via ad campaigns on major platforms as well as regularly contacting our existing clients as well as new ones.

How To Get More DJ Work

There’s no right or wrong way to do this.  But marketing yourself is the best way.  You need to get your name out there and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

DJ Social Media

This goes without saying, but social media plays an important role in marketing yourself to both fans & future clients.


Facebook is the most useful for interacting with your fan base.  You can keep them up to date with upcoming gigs, send out mixes and remixes that you’ve worked on and much more.  This leads to your posts being liked & shared and when a client is looking to hire you it’s appealing to them because you have a larger following.  The most important thing to remember with Facebook is to keep work and your private life separate.  Set up a separate DJ Facebook Page which just has your DJ content on.  You can then share this from your personal account if you wish to do so.  Most DJs make the mistake of posting on both, which leads to you being lazy and using your DJ page less and less, making it out of date.


This is the platform of choice for our DJ Agency.  The fact you can easily add hashtags to reach clients and promoters is very powerful. We find that a lot of promoters and other clients use Twitter as well as other DJs.  By uploading your DJ mixes and remixes here, you can get other DJs liking and retweeting you, allowing their fans to see what you do.  Make sure that you follow other DJs and any venues, promoters and other event organisers.  By following them, there’s the chance that they can follow you back and start chatting via DM.

Bands In Town

This is one that a lot of DJs don’t think about using but it’s a great way to manage your gig list in one place.  Bands In Town allows you to add any upcoming tour dates and you can link it to your Facebook & Twitter accounts to automatically send out details of your next gig, the day before and on the day of the gig.  This is great for attracting fans to go see you play as it will appear in their timelines at the time they are planning what to do for their night out.  The fact that it does this automatically saves you time in posting these dates individually on your social media accounts.


Instagram is becoming more and more popular with DJs.  It’s a great place to take photos during your DJ sets and upload them for people to see what they missed.  You can also easily send these out to your other social media accounts.  Don’t just take photos for the sake of it, if it’s a quiet night – just take photos inside the DJ box.  If it’s a busy night – take a photo of your crowd.  Showing that you have a large audience at your gigs will make you stand out to clients.

Google Plus

Google plus is getting more and more popular.  It’s easy to use and most DJs already have some sort of a Google account so you may as well set this up.  Just like other platforms you can add posts and share media including your latest mixes.


This is one area that DJs often don’t consider these days but we think it’s still important which is why we’ve listed it in our DJ marketing tips.

The most important reason for having a DJ website is that it helps you appear in search results on Google & Bing.  Although you will appear in search results because you have social media accounts, having a website will help you appear higher up the page rankings.

Make sure that you register your own domain name e.g. – it will only cost you a few quid a year.  Then buy a cheap hosting solution, we find ones that let you host a WordPress page the best as it’s easy to keep up to date.  Don’t go for free hosting solutions – these usually end up with adverts appearing on your page as well as a banner saying “This website was created for free at”.  You can purchase a webhosting & wordpress account for a few quid a month.

Having your own domain name also give you the option of having a professional email address e.g. [email protected] – A lot of clients are put off contacting DJs if they just use the email addresses from hotmail or gmail.  Having your own domain name makes you look more professional.

Hosting Your DJ Mixes

We couldn’t do a DJ marketing tips article without listing DJ mix platforms.


There’s been a lot of controversy with Soundcloud taking down DJ and producers content but it’s still the leading site for hosting music.  Soundcloud should be used for hosting your own music that you have produced.  A lot of DJs host their bootleg remixes on here, but remember – there’s always the risk that these can be taken down by the record labels if you don’t have permission to use their copywrited material.  They also tend to take down mixtapes you’ve posted as well.  You can embed these tracks on your website and we allow our DJs to have a Soundcloud link embedded on their Artist Roster profile on our website.


Mixcloud is great for showcasing your DJ skills and your taste in music.  You can host your mixtapes and any radio shows you do on here.  The great thing about Mixcloud is that it pays royalties to the artists of the songs you include in your mixes.  You can share these on social media and embed them on your website.  We recommend that you take the time to include a tracklisting with every upload you do, it allows the listener to see what tracks are in your mix and it only takes an extra 5 minutes of your time.

Get In Touch

Hopefully you find these DJ marketing tips useful.  Think we’ve missed something out? Drop us an email and let us know.  If you’re interested in joining our DJ Agency have a look at the Join DJ Agency page where you can find out more about what we do and how we can help you further your DJ career.