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DJ Agency Application Form

Please fill in the DJ Agency application form to have our admin team review your application.

Although we accept DJs from all backgrounds you must already have some professional experience i.e. have been paid to perform – please give some examples of this when you fill in the form. You also need to be able to mix in a club, festival or bar environment.

Please include as many of your social media accounts as you can – we use these to ensure that the DJs we add to our roster are up to the standard that promoters and venues expect.  We also use them to get a suitable picture for your default Artist Roster profile.

One of the most common reasons for applications to our agency being unsuccessful is the lack of links to social media, current DJ mixes and information about yourself in the “about you” box below.

We recommend using a gmail address, if you have/use it, to make the integration with your Google Calendar to our booking system easier.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Google Calendar, you can set one up using your existing email address on their website.

We can only currently accept DJs who are based and registered in the UK.  We will be expanding to other areas in the near future.

I confirm I am over the age of 18 and currently a resident of United Kingdom.