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The reason for being a commission based DJ Agency is so that you know we are acting in your best interests – we get paid for providing results.

We market our DJs to our contacts in bars, nightclubs, festivals as well as promoters and other events as well as giving you the tools to help market yourself effectively such as a profile on our Artist Roster and booking forms to embed as a tab on Facebook or as a contact page on your website.  These forms pass the bookings straight into your queue in our booking management system for us to chase up on your behalf.

All responsibilities for each party are clearly displayed in our contract when you join us as well as in the contracts we issue to promoters/venues.

All of the money collected for deposits, paying the DJ and any additional payments are kept in our separate client deposit account.  This means the money is always available to pay the artist and in the unlikely event of needing to issue refunds.  We never use this account for our day-to-day business running costs – If you are using another agency, we recommend that you check that they offer this service.


To make our services available to everyone without the need for monthly membership fees, we have to charge a small administration fee of £19.99

We only charge this fee once we have approved your application and got everything set up. Because of the manual work involved in creating your artist agreement, building your profile, etc this is a non-refundable administration fee.

DJ Newsletter


  • Email notification for gigs that none of our agency DJs are able to do.
  • Only DJs on our roster get notified of gigs as they come in to us.
  • No roster profile
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Roster Profile Upgrade


Per Month
  • Includes all of our standard features
  • a link direct to your profile on our artist roster e.g.
  • Helps with appearing in search engines
  • Having a link to your roster page can help when applying for social media verification
Available as an optional subscription after

you have joined our agency

How We Make Money

If you think about it, you’re not actually having to pay for our services as it is added on as a cost to the promoter/venue.

We charge 10% commission on top of your DJ appearance fee.  (we only charge commission on the basic appearance fee, not for any of the extras, such as hotel or travel costs)

This is charged to the promoter/venue to confirm your booking when we send them the contract to sign.

Event cancellations

Promoter/Venue cancels the booking:

Since we’ve already been paid by the venue to confirm your booking we will keep this fee.

You will also expect full payment because of the contract we raise between yourself and the venue.

You (the artist) cancels the booking:

We understand there are times where sickness or other issues arise.

We will try to rearrange the booking to a future date with the promoter/venue.  If this is possible then we can quickly amend the details in our booking system at no extra cost and reissue the updated contract.

Otherwise, as long as you provide us with a sicknote, we’ll cancel the booking.

This page is just to give you an indication of the fees involved and may not be kept as up-to-date as your Artist Agreement you sign with us.